Why we joined ICF



I come from the Philippines. Back home I am a member of the evangelical Victory Church under Every Nation. Like many internationals, I came to Wageningen to pursue higher education: A masters degree. I decided to join ICF when I came to Wageningen. Later I found out that ICF is a good place to grow spiritually.

I enjoyed the fellowship, the Bible studies, the international setting and the use of the English language. What I liked most is that ICF is a place to minister by sharing the Good News and by praying for others through the prayer ministry.

In ICF, I did not need to travel all over the world to share the Gospel because God has already brought the world to ICF!


I joined Deeper Life Bible Church (Nigeria and England). It fits my personality. The Church doctrine is thorough in the area of holiness and the church is great in exposition of the word.

I joined ICF because I want to better understand the dynamics of Christianity worldwide. This should better equip me to reach the World for Christ.
Why I enjoyed joining ICF? I enjoyed the Word, I enjoyed the bible-study, the social evenings and dinners.


Miguel came to Wageningen from Mexico almost a year ago to pursue his Master in Food Technology. He
used to join an evangelical church in his home country. He used to ministry as the member of worship /
music team back in his church.

He found that ICF is a place where he can find fellowship in Christ here
in Wageningen because of the international atmosphere offered. English as the standard language in ICF
rather than Dutch somehow help him to easily adapt with his new “church” environment. He also likes
ICF because of the fact that he can participate the worship team.



Andy, Octavina, Manoach & Davitha

Hi! We are Andy, Octavina, Manoach & Davitha, a Dutch-Indonesian family. Since Christmas 2015 we have been attending ICF church services, together with our children Manoach and Davitha. At that time we got impressed by the sudden conversion of an atheist female student, after she had been deeply touched by the sermon. This is characteristic for the ICF community: here one finds fear of God and joy in his commandments.

Meeting christian people from so many cultures is a great privilege. It strongly makes us realize that all over the world the Spirit is moving. We are very happy to experience genuineness of faith and warm-heartedness unceasingly here. We experience people as letters of Christ, written and readable to all.
Being a host family now, we particularly devote ourselves to practicing hospitality, trying to cheerfully contribute to other peoples needs. No one should be left unnoticed or feel unloved.
We say: come visit ICF and meet Christ here.

Do you also want to join ICF?

We as ICF Wageningen would like to offer hospitality and friendship to internationals that come to Wageningen for study or work. If you want to join us, you could:

  • subscribe to our news posts, so we can inform you about our activities.
  • visit a Sunday worship service.
  • join one of our other activities, like a bible study group, a prayer meeting a cultural evening, etc. See also this page

If you want to have more information, do not hesitate and contact us!