Why we joined ICF

Why we joined ICF

We are Andy, Octavina, Manoach & Davitha, a Dutch-Indonesian family. Since Christmas 2015 we have been attending ICF church services, together with our children Manoach and Davitha. At that time we got impressed by the sudden conversion of an atheist female student, after she had been deeply touched by the sermon. This is characteristic for the ICF community: here one finds fear of God and joy in his commandments.

Meeting christian people from so many cultures is a great privilege. It strongly makes us realize that all over the world the Spirit is moving. We are very happy to experience genuineness of faith and warm-heartedness unceasingly here. We experience people as letters of Christ, written and readable to all.

Being a host family now, we particularly devote ourselves to practicing hospitality, trying to cheerfully contribute to other peoples needs. No one should be left unnoticed or feel unloved.
We say: come visit ICF and meet Christ here.


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