Why join the ICF prayer meeting?

In the magazine of Open Doors (an organization for persecuted Christians), I read:

“During one of my trips to North Korea we got a task to fulfill. For security reasons, I cannot give details. The task was not completed. When we came out of the country, our brother Simon was astonished: ‘Why did you not succeed?’ ‘We have really given all our efforts,’ we explained.’ ‘No’, Simon said, ‘you have not prayed enough’. He made clear to us how necessary our prayer was. We have a lot of goals in ICF that are worth striving for. But, the work should start with prayer, personally and as a body. It looks like wasting your time, to sit down in silence by yourself and pray. But God really listens to our prayers! In prayer, we can see that our goals are even too small for our God of the Universe. He can do far more exceedingly than we ever imagined. Personally, I also see how good it is to pray accompanied by others. It helps to focus one’s prayers.

Let us come together and see how God is working in our community; every first and third Sunday of the month we meet in the children’s room after the service at about 12.30. We pray for just half an hour. You are very welcome to join for one time or more often.

Rosalinde Nuquay (Prayer Meeting Coordinator)