Good Friday Service. 2nd April 2021- “What’s so good about Good Friday?”.

A warm welcome to our Good Friday service, 2nd April 2021. We will have a contemplative service with quiet worship/meditation and then followed by Holy Communion at our ICF Home Base. You are very welcome to join us! You can attend our live service or watch our livestream via Zoom. For attending the service in the ICF Home Base, please sign up (given corona limitations with max 30 attendances) by sending an email to You can send an email to received a newsletter in which you can find the link to our online Zoom meeting.

Lazarus Gatimu will be our preacher. He will preach on Hebrews 10:16-25. The topic will be about: “What’s so good about Good Friday?”.

Good Friday Easter Cross | Time

The program via Zoom is as follows:
19:30 – : Good Friday service at the Home base or watch livestream.

We hope to meet you this Sunday via Zoom.
God bless you