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Church council

A group of elders is responsible for the overall leadership, pastoral issues, and making both short and long-term decisions affecting the ICF congregation. The day to day operation of ICF is organised by the deacons and centred on the different ministries within ICF.

Please send an email to council[at] to get in touch with the Church Council.

Confidential advisor

A church is supposed to be a safe place. Although we try our very best to keep it that way, occasions could occur in which you don’t feel quite safe. Think about situations in which you feel verbally mistreated or the subject of inappropriate or unwanted attention.

As a church, we find it very important that you can share your concerns or story so we can stand next to you, support you, give you advice or take further actions. You are not alone.

What does the confidential adviser do?

The confidential adviser (Elly) will always listen to your story in a confidential way and won’t take any action before discussing it with you. If needed, the confidential adviser can ask advice from experts outside our community. Also, the confidential adviser can mediate or in some cases even help you report to the police.

Although you can always share any concerns, the confidential adviser is not a pastoral or social worker. Her first responsibility is to listen and help you take practical steps in confidential situations regarding issues that take place between members of the ICF community so that we can make sure the church is and stays a safe place for everyone.

Get in touch with the confidential adviser by using the following email address: or by calling Elly.

Diaconal fund

In ICF, we live in the awareness that Christ gave His life for us. So, we would like to be a giving community. As we grew from a student movement to a church (2013), with the energy and spirit of a movement, we would like to answer to our calling – to care for each other in a more structured way. Until 2018, the deacons have been functioning as a judicial committee on financial requests and gifts received from family members. For privacy reasons, now one deacon has been chosen to be the contact person. This also means that requests can be processed faster. Daniel Garcia will be the deacon in charge of this ministry as well as the contact person for the diaconal funds.

To make sure requests and decisions are being made in a responsible and balanced way, Karen will help Daniel in making decisions. As a leadership, we strive to answer requests within one week. Besides, we will create a special fund to answer diaconal needs. Of course, we are not able to give long-term financial support. However, we are happy and blessed to announce that we would like to support people who suffer from financial stress. Think about your stolen bike or other occasions which confront you with temporary financial challenges. Not just financial, you can also come with more practical diaconal needs.


Click to download: Diaconal Fund 2019 (Includes procedure, contact persons and timeline.)

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