Claim form

If you have any declarations because you contributed money from your personal account to ICF s activities or ministries you can send a claim form. Click to download:

Make sure to attach (pictures of) your receipts. No receipt = no refund.

Guidelines for claiming

  • €100. If you are planning to spend more than €100 on anything related to ICF, please first discuss with the deacons and our treasurer. You can simply send an email to and We will discuss the request and will approve if the expenses are in accordance with the budgets or if we consider the expenses to be necessary.

  • Earmarked gifts. The treasurer creates budgets in agreement with the vision of the Church Council. Dedicating a financial gift to a certain ministry will not change the budget of this particular ministry. The gift will be added to the general income of ICF. A materialistic gift can be considered (e.g. toys for children), but please discuss with the deacons and the coordinator of the specific ministry. 

  • Refunding. If you hand in a claim form, make a picture of the receipt with your phone. The receipt is proof. We don’t need a high-resolution scan. You can paste the picture in the form, or send it as an attachment to the mail (also attach the form).

  • Collect Feel free to save up a few receipts and claim the refund at ones.

  • When do I receive my money back? Our treasurer checks the treasurer email box about once a week. The aim is to refund claims within two weeks of claiming, but due to circumstances, this may be a bit longer. If you need the money urgently, please send a text/whatsapp message.