Upcoming Sunday Service (Page 2)

Upcoming Sunday Service (Page 2)

There are two ways to join our Sunday Service, live or online via livestream. For the live service you have to register, you can do this via the newsletter. The link to the livestream can also be found in the newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter by e-mailing gerdine@icfwageningen.org.
Below you find announced who will preach and what will be the theme of upcoming Sunday Service!

22 November – Filling our emptiness

Dear all, Welcome to join our weekly ICF Worship service this coming Sunday the 22nd of November. Sjoerd van der Wielen will preach from John 4: 1-30. Filling our emptiness: “If you knew…” Because of the limited space, we ask you to sign up for the service. Before the service starts we have an online prayer meeting in Zoom, click this link at 10:00h to join in prayer. The…

8 November – When pride meets justice

This coming Sunday 8 November we will have a worship service at our ICF Home Base. You are very welcome to join us! You can either attend our live service or watch our livestream. . Please sign up – given corona limitations – by sending an email to gerdine@icfwageningen.org. We will send you a link to our livestream. Lazarus Gatimu will be…

27 September – Live together in unity

Dear all, A very warm welcome to the ICF church service. Since the weather forcast isn’t so positive, only a limited amount of people can subscribe for the life service at the ICF Home base. For all the others we hope to meet you in Zoom! https://icfwageningen.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d59eca457254f087cf56e7961&id=a980d1b268&e=42e7dda687 If the…