Upcoming Sunday Service

Upcoming Sunday Service

Welcome to our weekly Sunday services! Our service can be visited by 50 people and is also livestreamed. The livestream can be watched by joining our Zoom Service.
If you would like to join our service, either live in the building or via Zoom, you can find all the details in our weekly newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter via Welcome > Newsletter.
Below you find announced who will preach and what will be the theme of upcoming Sunday Service!

28 November – worship service

A warm welcome to our weekly church service! This coming Sunday we will worship and pray together. Lazarus Gatimu will share a message from God’s word with us. Please register for the service by sending an email to council@icfwageningen.org Please note the different venue and time: Time: 4 pm. The service will finish at 5 pm because of the national lockdown.…

7 November – It mattes where we walk

This Sunday the 7th of November, we will have a special service in which two of our little ones will be baptised. Our preacher is Dick Westerkamp and he will preach from Psalm 1. Theme: Which role does the Bible have in your life? Text: Psalm 1. It matters where we walk, stand and sit.  Please register via the link in the newsletter. 30 People are allowed to partake.Kids…

26th September – Rebuilding

Welcome to our Sunday worship service! This upcoming Sunday, 26th September, weather permitting, we will have an outdoor service at our Home Base at Dolderstraat 88, Wageningen. Our preacher, Lazarus Gatimu, will preach. His theme is: “Rebuilding” inspired by Haggai 2:20-23. The service program will be as follows:10:00 – 10:30: Prayer & fellowship…