Upcoming Sunday Service

Upcoming Sunday Service

Due to the current lockdown, our service can be visited by only 30 people and is therefore livestreamed as well. The livestream can be watched by joining our Zoom Service.
If you would like to join our service, either live in the building or via Zoom, you can find all the details in our weekly newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter via Welcome > Newsletter.
Below you find announced who will preach and what will be the theme of upcoming Sunday Service!

13 June – Do you believe Jesus is God?

Welcome to our weekly Sunday service!This coming Sunday 13 June, we will have an outdoor service, which will also be livestreamed. You are very welcome to join us! Our preacher is Andy Beeftink. He will speak on “Do you believe Jesus is God?” His Scripture passage is: 1 John 5:18-21. Address: The sportsfield at Dolderstraat 88, 6704 PM Wageningen. Time: 10.30 am The…

06th June 2021- “Stand Firm”

Welcome to our weekly Sunday service, 06th June 2021.This coming Sunday we will have an outdoor service. This outdoor service is like a gathering family service in which we will sit together in the outside of our home base. We also will have Holy Communion. Please take into account that we still keep the Covid-19 regulations in our the Home Base. Our preacher is…