Connect Groups

Connect Groups

The Connect Groups of ICF Wageningen are Bible study groups that meet every week during the evening to study the Bible and pray together. They are small families in which personal faith is shared and friendships are built. Depending on the wishes of the group, either dinner or worship or other forms of Bible study can be part of a Connect Group evening.

The Connect Groups consist of 5 to 15 members, but due to the international nature of ICF, the group size and member composition can differ throughout the year. You are very welcome to join anytime! If you want to experience a Connect Group evening, you can send an email to

There is a Chinese Fellowship for Chinese students. Read more here

Below is a brief overview of the current connect groups:

Connect GroupLocationWeekdayFrequency
Chinese FellowshipWageningenFridayweekly
Connect CentralWageningenThursdaybi-weekly
Family Connect GroupWageningenvariablevariable
Saints & DinnersWageningenTuesdayweekly
The ExplorersWageningenTuesdaybi-weekly