Baptism at (in!) the Rhine (17 September)

This Sunday 17th September is a baptism service which will be held at the Rhine (Pabstsendam 12, Wageningen) (and NOT at Dolderstraat!).

Charlotte, Minnie and Noetie will be baptised and everyone is welcome! Afterwards there’s a picnic so bring your picnic clobber; blankets, chairs, food and drink, utensils, etc..

Parking is really difficult, so you’re better off coming by bike. But if you do come by car (e.g. to drop off people and / or picnic stuff) you can park at Rijnbolwerk, de Arc or Walstraat. Please be aware there are heavy parking tickets at the harbour and at the Rhine.

If it rains…

Charlotte, Minnie and Noetie will get wet during a baptism, but most of the rest of us would like to stay dry. This means that if it rains, then the whole service will be at Dolderstraat 88 as usual – there’ll be a message on Saturday in the WhatsApp to let us know.