Tales from the activities team

Hello everyone!

As the name suggests, we organize activities! For example, the potlucks after a Sunday service, with maybe a special activity right after, like a small walk or, on a Saturday, a trip to a different city. On Wednesday, February 28, we organized ‘Feel Connected?’, an evening focused on the Connect Groups. There are six people in this team: Andrea, Octavina, Daniel, Lia, Simon and I, Eline. During our meetings, we will look back on our latest activity, see what we can do better next time and share ideas for new activities. Our focus is mainly on activities within ICF, to bring members closer together and to provide an opportunity for ICF members to get to know each other outside the Sunday services. It is fun to think of activities that can help towards this, to see what is feasible, and finally to organize them. In short, this is what we do. If you have any suggestions for fun activities, or perhaps just a question, feel free to get in touch with any of us!

Eline Futerman