30 August- Your God is my God

Dear all,

This coming Sunday service will be a special one! Some of our family members will confess and testify who God is for them, also 4 member will be baptised! Due to the family and close friends they invited, we do not have a registration form, because all seats have allready been filled. We invite you to watch te live stream with us! https://youtu.be/6qSXbzymKCE

If you want to be part of the baptism outside, you are most welcome! Around 11:15h. we expect to go outside. You might have to wait for a moment, because it is hard to time it. But please be on time, you don’t want to miss it and do bring an umbrella.

After the service you are also warmly invited for the coffee & tea outside the ICF building. This will be around 12 o’ clock, please do bring an umbrella.

God bless you!