Posts from August 2022

Posts from August 2022

21st August 2022- “Generosity”

Welcome to our weekly Sunday service, 21st August 2022. This coming Sunday we will have service at our ICF home base Our preacher is Maarten van ‘t Hoog. He will speak on “Generosity” (2 Corinthians 8:1-15). You are very welcome to join us! Time: 10:30 pm. Location: Dolderstraat 88 Special programmes for toddlers, children and teenagers are available…

Foundations course

ICF Wageningen offers a Foundations Course in 2022. Course designed by John Groves (UK) and takes you through the foundations of the Christian faith. The course will be led by Ed & Margreet van Ouwerkerk with assistance of ICF-leaders. Why this course? Why do we offer this course? It’s fundamental to the church to fulfill her purpose, which is to: Glorify God…
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