One World: the Gospel in 3D

In connection with the One World week at the University,  ICF is sponsoring a workshop in communicating the gospel cross-culturally.

We are all part of an international community, but are we always sensitive to the cultural differences between us? Do we take for granted that someone from another country really understands what we are trying to communicate? This workshop can help us with some valuable insights.

This presentation of “the Gospel in 3D” will be held in Orion (Wing Forum side) from 12:30 – 13:30 on Tuesday 10 April. The workshop will be led by Francina de Pater, PhD from IFES (International Federation of Evangelical Students).  We are looking forward to an interesting and encouraging workshop. We hope you will join and Invite your friends.

See you there.

On behalf of the ICF activities team,


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