Indonesian Bible Study – Sunday, 21-01-2018, Number 3

Dear our beloved Indonesian-speaking friends,

How are you doing? We hope that this invitation finds you sound.

We would like to welcome you in our Indonesian fellowship this coming Sunday, January 21, 2018, in Number 3, Bornsesteeg 1.

Our fellowship will start with a potluck lunch at 13:30, followed by a Bible study, and be finished with sharing our prayer points.

This time, according to God’s will, we will have a visit from Pastor Anton Budiwidjaja and his wife.

Hope to see many of you.

Greetings in Lord Jesus.


PS. For anyone who has the material from last month, please take it along with you, and don’t forget our ayat hafalan. 😉

Yoh 5:39 Kamu menyelidiki Kitab-kitab Suci, sebab kamu menyangka bahwa oleh-Nya kamu mempunyai hidup yang kekal, tetapi walaupun Kitab-kitab Suci itu memberi kesaksian tentang Aku, 


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