Hi all.

It is already August and before you know it Wageningen will be filling up with new students eager to begin their studies.

Of course we want to welcome all these newcomers and invite them to ICF, and the first chance we will have to do that will be during the A.I.D.

We could really use as much help as you all are willing to give. There will be a short information market after the A.I.D. service at the Spot on Sunday the 20th of August as well as the big information market in the Arboretum on Wednesday 23 August. ICF will be represented at both and there will also be a apart stand for the LIFE activities. So if you’ve ever taken part in a LIFE activity and would like to help promote that as well, it would be very much appreciated.

If you are willing to help meet the new students and introduce them to ICF, please let us know by filling in the linked form:  <AID>



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