Nominations/Suggestions Elder en deacons

Dear people,

We still need your help.

Ita, who has now served us for close to two years as elder, sees her term nearing completion. So our current elder team of Henk, Andy, Jonathan and Dick (in the role of advisory preacher) would greatly appreciate finding someone to fill this vacancy.  The elders are tasked with oversight over our church community and making sure we stay on track with our mission and vision. As we search for new leadership in the elder team, we begin by asking you, the church family, to suggest names of people you feel would be suited to such a task.  Please, if you have noticed someone with the dedication, wisdom and insight to strengthen our team of elders… then please let us know by nominating that person via the following link: < elder >

The church council consists not only of elders, but also deacons. At the moment the deacons are a small team of 3 (Carolien, Daniel and Koenraad) but we would love to add at least 2 more! The deacon team is responsible for the practical  day to day organization of the ICF.

Think of things like…

  • having oversight over the practical aspects of the service – the building, welcoming people, making sure coffee and tea are available
  • or helping with the organizing of various activities either to build up the community or to reach out to those outside
  • or communicating between the church council and the general community
  • or seeing that pastoral issues are addressed

Important to remember, being a deacon doesn’t mean that you have to do all these things yourself, but only that you like to help organize and care that the important things within our community get done. If you would be interested yourself, or you know of someone who you think would be qualified to take up such as task could you let us know by filling in the form via this link: <deacon>

Nominations for elder or deacon are open until tuesday april 25!

On behalf of the church council


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