15 March 2020 – Connect Group Service

Sign up here if you want to join our service!

The Church Council has decided to organize this service in a different way than usual:

Coming Sunday, March 15th, the Connect Groups (Biblestudy groups) will gather at homes of ICF members and have a mini-service at home. Materials and a liturgy for the service will be provided by the Church Council, like a sermon, suggestions for songs and prayer points.

You’re warmly welcomed to our mini church service, where many nationalities come together to worship God!

If you are part of a Connect Group, you can contact your Connect Group leader to ask where the meeting will take place.

If you are not part of a Connect Group and want to visit a service, you can sign up using this form before Saturday 14 March 13:00. You will be informed which mini-service you can join and where it will take place.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! God Bless you!