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Christmas Dinner at the Spot

Are you an international student and are staying in town between Christmas and New Years? Then you are very welcome to attend this Christmas dinner. There will be 3 courses, songs, music, and the Christmas...


White Christmas service 10 december

Dear all, A very warm welcome to our special Christmas service this coming Sunday.   Date: 10 December Time: 10.30 am or 19:00 pm. Location: ICF home base, Hollandseweg 328, 6704 PK Wageningen (map). During the morning service...

Indonesian Bible Study: Sunday, December 10, 2017 0

Indonesian Bible Study: Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dear Indonesian-speaking friends, Time goes so quickly, and now we have arrived in the last month of the year. Many things have happened in our lives during this year. For most of them, we...

Christmas Baking and Soup Making 0

Christmas Baking and Soup Making

Hi everyone As most of you know we will be holding a double service this coming Sunday  (10 December) on the theme “White Christmas” To help make this event as nice and successful as...

Sermons “Where is your treasure?” and “A good life!” 0

Sermons “Where is your treasure?” and “A good life!”

Where is your treasure? Preacher: Daniel Garcia Scripture: Luke 12:15-21 Listen to / download A good life! Preacher: Dick Westerkamp Scripture: Mark 10:17-27 Listen to / download

IFES Training: Do It! 0

IFES Training: Do It!

Welcome to IFES national training day Do it! This training for international student ministry will be held Saturday December 9th in Utrecht. Theme of the day is ´Think home – Helping students to prepare...

Sunday worship service

Dear all, A warm welcome to our weekly church service! This Sunday Bro. Daniel Garcia will preach on Luke 12:15-21 on the topic: “Where is your treasure?”   Date: 26th November Time: 10.30 am Location: ICF home base, Hollandseweg...